The most significant gift a parent can give a child with ADHD is a proper understanding of ADHD. Family coaching is a service offered for parent(s) and children who want to learn how to manage ADHD at home and school successfully. The family coaching model is designed to provide families with “ADHD-friendly” strategies and tools to address home and school challenges while helping parents become experts on their child’s ADHD.


When is family coaching offered?

Summer May 15th- August 10th (Monday – Friday)


School Year

Due to Rhodes College Obligations, Family Coaching is limited during the school year, with the exception of breaks and holidays. 


The Coaching Process 

Family Coaching usually begins with a consultation followed by subsequent sessions as determined in the consultation. Sessions can either occur at home, or a neutral location, or virtually. 


Initial ADHD Coaching Consult 

The cost of the initial consult is $125. The consultation consists of an intake followed by an ADHD management plan with specific strategies for helping the student’s overall success. 


Regular ADHD Coaching Sessions

The cost of regular coaching sessions is $65. Regular sessions generally last 30-45 minutes, divided between parent and child, to be determined at the consultation. Regular sessions typically focus on skill development, time management, task initiation, organization, focus, raising self-awareness, strength recognition, and confidence building. Families will also be provided with “ADHD” friendly study strategies for improving memory, attention, school work-related challenges, or other ADHD-related challenges. 

More Questions about Family Coaching?