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Colleging with ADHD

Everything you need to know about college but were too distracted to ask

Your Playbook for College Success

The ADHD brain is different – not broken, not deficient, just different. To be successful you need strategies that work with (not against) the ADHD brain. Colleging with ADHD  is your playbook for doing college the right way. Whether it’s choosing the right class schedule, paying attention in class, or keeping up with your college ID, learn firsthand advice from some of the most successful college students… who also happen to have ADHD.

You will learn:

  • How to improve attention in the classroom
  • ADHD-friendly strategies for time management and organization
  • Resources, tools, and hacks that every student should know
  • Methods for overcoming procrastination and increasing productivity
  • How to self-advocate and manage stress