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ADHD College Success: A Different Approach

Too often ADHD students make the mistake of trying to do college like everyone else. The ADHD brain is different—not deficient, not broken, just different. To succeed, you need tools that work with your brain, not against it. ADHD Coaching provides the right type of support that allows you to harness your unique strengths, develop effective strategies, and thrive academically and personally.


Are you a parent of a college student and would like to learn more about ADHD college coaching and support for your child? 


Are you a college student who would like to know more about what ADHD college coaching can do for you?

About Me

After 16+ years of coaching college students with ADHD, I have learned what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to helping students achieve success. ADHD Coaching provides students with tools that compliment the neurology of the ADHD brain. Unlike other types of support, it’s not about instructing or telling a student what to do (which rarely works).  Instead, it involves helping students understand their ADHD, clearly define their goals, and design an ADHD-friendly action plan for success.

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Every year, countless ADHD students make the mistake of trying to do college like everyone else. Learn how to college the right way using tools and strategies that work with, and not against, the ADHD brain.

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College Advantage is a 3-day fun and interactive workshop that will give you the tools and knowledge you need to maximize your college experience.

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Having the perfect planner will not automatically make you successful, but it can sure give you an edge. This is by far the best planner for all students, especially for the ones with ADHD! Don't procrastinate and start the year off right!