College 101
The College Success Workshop

  • For today’s rising freshman, the transition to college is more challenging than ever. College 101 is a  three-day workshop series that was created to prepare students for the most common challenges first-year students face. 

Day 1 

Part 1: Introduction to College 101


Transitioning From High School To College

  • Behind the scenes look at the differences between high school and college 
  • Common challenges for first-year students
  • Skills are critical for success 
  • Characteristics of successful college students
  • Fostering a growth mindset


Part 2: Life Skills For College

Defining College Goals & Expectations  

  • Socially 
  • Academically
  • Personally

Building Intrinsic Motivation

  • Understanding your values
  • The Importance of values
  • Using values to make  good decisions 

Common College Challenges

  • Balancing social, personal, and academic obligations
  • Money management
  • Stress/overwhelm
  • Distractions

Practicing self-care

  • Establishing healthy boundaries 
  • What it means to self-advocate
  • Effects of stress (academic, social, personal)
  • Understanding emotional triggers
  • Understanding how sleep, exercise, and nutrition impact mental health and performance

Day 2

Part 1: Time Management For College


Time Management Challenges  

  • Managing “free time” during the day
  • Adjusting to academic expectations
  • Estimating time 
  • Managing distractions (social media, video games, internet, social, etc.)
  • Procrastination

Time Management Solutions

  • Knowing and understanding the real benefits and consequences 

Time management starts with clarity

  • Engineering a distraction-free environment 
  • Tools for overcoming procrastination
  • Examples of college syllabi
  • Behind the scenes, look at how long homework typically takes to complete
  • Game-changing time management tools


Part 2: Organization for College


Organization Challenges

  • Class materials
  • Laptop organization
  • Note-taking
  • Personal stuff

Organization Solutions

  • Knowing and understanding  the real benefits and consequences 
  • Defining your organizational style
  • Must-have college organizational tools 
  • Additional recommended items
  • Apps and other tools
  • Designing your organizational system

Day 3

Part 1: Study Skills For College



How to read in college

  • Common challenges
  • Defining the purpose
  • Active vs. passive reading
  • Reading strategies for History, Humanities, Science, and English
  • Annotating

How to write in college

  • Common challenges
  • High school vs. college writing
  • Examples of college writing assignments
  • Strategies for writing college essays

How to study in college

  • Math
  • Business
  • History/Humanities
  • Foreign Language
  • Science
  • English
  • Note-taking strategies
  • Brain-based study tips
  • Memory Tips
  • Learning style strategies
  • How to boost focus and attention